how do you prevent a denim jacket from bleeding onto your clothes? i wore a white tee under mine and it was scary.

this… i have no idea. i’ve actually had this happen to my white tees a few times, but luckily they were just hanes tees. anyone know what to do here?

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  1. geezetheweeze said: It’s probably because of the dyes. Wash it or Dry clean it to get excess chemicals out.
  2. goorace said: set colors with gentle rinse and soak in cold water with cup of white vinegar and tablespoon of salt. i like to soak for an hour, rinse, repeat.
  3. monsieuruntitled said: I usually take a white towel, and just rub the inside of the jacket down pretty well. Taking off most of the dye that would rub off easily onto a white Tee. After a few wears you should be fine. I would wear darker shirts underneath a few time until.
  4. designerinspirations said: try hand washing them gently (inside out w/cold water) a few times by itself, not with other clothes. you should see a lot of excess dye come out. then add a cup of vinegar to the water and rinse. it helps seal the dye and minimize bleeding.
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