Levi’s 501 Originals

These are my first ever pair of Levi’s, and my first ever pair of 501 Originals. This is from my freshman of highschool!I’ve got a lot of memories in these jeans and they tell a nice story. These aren’t the kind of jeans you buy at Hollister or Abercromie where it’s all torn up already. I didn’t pay for this distress with money, but through experiences and adventures- I remember running through the woods, onto some traintracks, getting caught by “railroad police” and jumping into little creeks. Hopping fences playing manhunt. I even got my first pair of stitches on my shin wearing these jeans…

I think my favorite part of these jeans is that, although it’s just a regular 501 Original Levi’s, they’re my 501 originals. The faded color is mine, so are all the distressed points; down to the camo patch on the knee lol. Can’t wait to see how else I can destroy these :)


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