right person, wrong time. right time, wrong person.

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so how do YOU show love?

there are no words for it. but she knows.

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I've been with a guy for a couple months now. We go to different colleges, but he's near my hometown so I've been visiting a bit more recently. We waited for a bit before we had sex, we talk everyday, and we always have fun together. I feel like it's getting to the point of me either staying in to see what happens or cutting out early because he's not too great at showing he likes me. I feel like at this point I might be too "convenient" for him. He's never been serious with someone so it (...)

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Just makes me think he doesn’t know how to really deal with emotions and show to a girl how he feels or how to be with someone. I notice little signs that he does like me, but could I be misreading them as him just being nice? I know I’m the only one hes talking to and he has admitted to liking me. Am I over reacting? I know he's not big on PDA and when we're together its great. He's admitted to liking me but we're both on the same page about not knowing how to deal with significant others.

everyone shows love differently. im not all that big on PDA either and especially on my social media pages.

not everyone is gonna be that guy you see in movies/dramas. i think love is something that grows. your relationship with your significant other will never be the same as my relationship with my significant other and that’s totally okay. i think the wrong thing to do is compare your love to others. if you are comfortable with him and you believe him when he tells you he likes you, then see where it goes. if what you need is constant PDA and a constant reminder that he likes you and he doesnt provide that, then maybe he’s not the one for you. we all have needs, it’s unfair for you to throw such expectations onto him and make him change so drastically. it’s rarely ever the case that two people will just fall madly in love with eachother right away. i see love like a plant. you start with the seed and you make sure you plant it well. not too deep, not too shallow and you give it some time and with patience it’ll grow into something. we live in such a demanding and quick society. if there’s one thing to be patience with, its your relationship with people. dont go looking for a quick fix. dont find a gf/bf just to quickly help you get over a slump in your life. don’t cheat on someone because they don’t give you what you want right away. dont get distracted by society’s constant distractions vying for your attention. talk it out with him and if you truly care about this and see a future, water that seed and see how it flourishes. im no love expert. ive never really even had any good relationships. i just know that in a world where things come and go so easily and so quickly, im committed to investing my life/heart into someone and i wouldnt want to just half-ass it.

i hope that helps? gluck

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Your answer to the anon that cheated his gf was just the best thing I've read all day, thnkssssss

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Alex, you are beautiful.

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so ive been dating this girl for almost a year now and im in love with her but i fucked up and cheated on her one time. and it was so stupid and there was no reason for it but im so devestated with what i did. i need her back. how do i make things right again? how do we start over? wtf do i do??

LOL good for you.

first of all; grow the f up. how old are you anyway? dont be going around saying youre “in love” when you made the conscious decision to cheat on your gf and then get all butt hurt because you realize AFTER the fact, that you need/want her. you didnt love her u fool. you liked the idea of having a gf. you probably liked the idea of having someone that cared about you and who needed you. but if you loved this girl, the thought of being with someone else should have, and would have NEVER even crossed your mind.

my advice to you; leave her alone. seriously man. just leave her alone. youve done enough to her. if u really cared you’d give her time to heal and let her build herself back up. everyone deserves to be happy. you decided to cheat on her so you can be happy with someone else for a minute. let her be happy too. leave her alone.

good luck

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boy ive been waitin out your relationship for months. let me give it a go


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Iván Navarro @ Madison Sq. Parkhttp://instagram.com/p/mfU1Lbu920/

Iván Navarro @ Madison Sq. Park

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The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)

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