i need winter.http://instagram.com/p/rqcmXxO9_J/?modal=true

i need winter.

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you can talk to me about oliver and your patchy beard all night... in bed.

aaaaaaaand we have a winner

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I would seriously love to meet you but we don't have any mutual friends at all and I have no idea how to go about nonchalantly asking you or "bumping into you" to get a cup of coffee with you.

if you can’t think of a clever/witty way to get my attention somehow, all that would happen if we actually met is you’d pay for my coffee and i’d let you listen to me talk about oliver and my patchy beard.

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Why are you so handsome and how do you have have such a big heart?

I literally have no idea.

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lettuce not forget that i was once an approachable young man.http://instagram.com/p/rp1tY9O9_m/?modal=true

lettuce not forget that i was once an approachable young man.

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Do you ache like I ache?

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Tiana Tolstoi By Anthony Arquier


Tiana Tolstoi By Anthony Arquier

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one of the best pump-up songs of all time. 

still the best track for pre/during workout

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Note to self: “I love you”
does not mean “I won’t ever leave you.

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A week ago my gf of 3 years told me she needed space and didn't know what she wanted. She also said to not count us out of getting back together. I looked through my txts from the pervious to month to see if she was giving me signs. what I found was I wasn't giving her the love and attention she needed not the other way. She felt distant and like i didn't care. after sometime it seems she got fed up to the point of needing a break. I wrote a letter today telling her how i truly feel. is ittolate

damn man.

sorry to hear that.

it really sucks that you guys ended a long relationship; not to assume that it was good or bad… but 3 years is a long time to get adjusted to a certain type of lifestyle to all of a sudden change… so sorry to hear that.

it sounds like you did some work on your end to figure out what went wrong and i think your girlfriend would appreciate you reaching out to atleast let her know that you have at least an inkling of what went wrong in the relationship.

i dont think its too late to be honest.

its all a matter of how much you are both willing to work on the relationship.

even something as simple as going through old text messages is still enough to help her understand that you are willing to make things work between you two.

the first step is to let her know that you are (maybe) aware of what inevitably drove her away and that you are willing to work on that.

its on her end to communicate with you whether you are right about your assumptions in the first place.

then its all up to her to decide whether she is up for the challenge of working on the relationship again.

you must know that coming to the decision of “taking a break” from a 3 year relationship must’ve been hard for her.

she probably had family/friends on her side who were motivating her to come to the right decision.

she has plenty of reasons to take this break, and not too many to get back with you at this point.

tread lightly and understand that feelings were hurt, and there’s plenty more left to be hurt.


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In that case, shouldn't you not let the worlds collide like why force anything? Your friends and your girl will just never be together, and that's should be okay, right?

I never force anything when it comes to my girlfriend and friends.

I can name the few times my friends have met the women I was dating.

birthday gatherings

actually yeah that’s about it lol.

a few times my gf came with me when we had like a “boys night out.” which in hindsight was a real dick move on my part… but no one ever really complained that i brought my gf over.

if i really look back on it, the only times my friends have gotten pissed off about my relationship was when i’d be out but i would have to step away from whatever we were doing to take a phone call from her.

you need a healthy balance between the two worlds.

no need to force it.

mutual respect is all you need.

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what if your girl and your friends get along but it's never to the point where it's comfortable, like they're nice but don't click in that way like they wouldn't be friends if it weren't for you?

that’s fine. 

i think its okay to have mutual respect for each other but never fully be “part of the gang.”

it’s two separate worlds colliding. 

it’s never going to mesh well. 

most of my friends wouldnt ever be friends with the kinds of girls i date but they never tell me not to bring her around. 

your girlfriend and your friends have no obligation to be best friends. 

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Problems Only Guys Who Can’t Grow Beards Will Understand

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