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ive got this weird… almost recognizable, but at the same time a very new and unfamiliar feeling these days…
it’s like falling asleep on the edge of the bed or sofa.
you’re really comfortable and if you close your eyes you will fall asleep right away,
but at the same time you know you if you do, you might just fall off… so you can’t fully be at rest……………

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"Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj 

Choreography by: Jeffrey Caluag & Dimitri Mendez


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I just woke up and I’m already hungry.

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maybe the best vine ever



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I’m an abusive boyfriend

…is what a friend said to me.

I was quite offended by this when he said it because I take pride in treating my significant others really well!

But after he explained himself, it really did make a lot of sense.

You see, I’m a no-bullshit type of guy. I don’t like to beat around the bushes. I don’t dance around a subject. I don’t make “suggestive remarks” or do anything passive like that, I tell it like it is and say what’s on my mind. And it seems that to most people, especially girls, that’s a bit too harsh. I mean, it’s not my fault they’re constantly surrounded by shy, passive individuals… but the fact of the matter is… the truth sometimes hurts, and my delivery… well, it can turn “abusive” at times I suppose.

My sarcasm knows no bounds but my love transcends all that cruelty and my significant other always knows that. I think that’s why all the women I’ve dated were extremely… strong.

But maybe… that’s why all my relationships have always failed. I remember one girl being extremely feisty. Her words were like daggers and as much as I tried to fight back, the painful delivery of her words just left me in awe. We never fought because she was always using fighting words and I was too busy recovering from the last onslaught of her words. Obviously that didn’t work out because there was almost no communication there.

Then another one I remember just being extremely cold to her. I showed her what I learned from the previous girl. To stay guarded and throw daggers and hope she doesn’t sling any back at me… she left… for good reason.

Another one was a good balance. We joked, a LOT. The inside jokes were never ending and we often pretended to really go at it in public… it was like one of our favorite things to do. Like in the middle of union square, she would yell at me about me not wanting to hold her hand in public, and screaming “am I making a scene?!” it was awesome. Too awesome… didn’t work.

The final one I thought was a right balance. I thought I finally had the right balance, the perfect formula; the impeccable balance between humor, banter and affection. I still had one hand up covering my face from my previous experiences so i still threw some daggers here and there, but I always reminded her that all the jokes aside, I couldn’t picture being with anyone else at any given moment and that the affection there, the chemistry there was unmatched. I thought she understood that. But I guess she started mixing up my sarcastic remarks with my genuine expression of love, because it didn’t work either.

So here lies the conundrum; do I have to be that guy to sugarcoat everything? Do I tell women what they want to hear because I know they want to hear it? Do I keep myself behind the curtain and let my puppet do the dance? 

what am i even saying right now lol.


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2, 9, 11, 12

i’m like 9 n 12 combined

im like 1 through 12 stacked on top of eachother.



2, 9, 11, 12

i’m like 9 n 12 combined

im like 1 through 12 stacked on top of eachother.

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i gotta go shower so i can pick up some sudafed

and wendy’s and a kitkat blizzard from DQ.

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It me


It me

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you should make 0 you fattie.

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