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Just in case y’all forgot about these 💀💀💀💀 📷: @grantleganhttp://kangalex.com/shop

Just in case y’all forgot about these 💀💀💀💀 📷: @grantlegan

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how in the world are you single???

I’ve been busy so just haven’t had a chance to swing by the GF store to pick one up

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Bonobos // F/W ‘14

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#Oliver New York 2014 Capsule Collection

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COS × nendo Salone del Mobile 2014 Exhibition

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Do you ever wonder the legitimacy of these questions? What if it's someone you know?

I used to, but recently I just stopped caring about little things like this.

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you always tweet and post the most superficial/nonsensical things so i figured you were just a good lookin guy with not much else going on but you have a huge heart and you express yourself so well. it really is a mystery how a girl can let you go. do you think that maybe the girl couldnt meet your expectations? i think i would be intimidated to date you...





It’s true I do most the most nonsensical things on my social media pages lol but i love it.

It’s funny that you thought that of me just from social media, and frankly it’s not the first time I’ve heard it. I think a majority of people who meet me and speak to me will at some point mention that they thought I was an asshole or just a plain idiot… That’s an issue I’m seeing with people in general… social media isn’t the world you know. Social media isn’t exactly my life story… I’ve dated girls who often got upset that I wouldn’t blast them on my social media platforms. I like to keep certain things, like my relationship, private because so much of me is out there already.

My relationships don’t work for many reasons, none of which has anything to do with who you think I am from reading my twitter/blog/instagram. Relationships are tricky, especially in a big city where people have their own thing(s) going on.

Expectations are tricky. If I recall, it’s not that the girl couldn’t meet my expectations but rather the other way around. In my personal opinion, I think girls fall really hard for like 10% of who I am. Which is most likely the stuff you’ve seen me write about the last few days; my thoughts on love, relationships, intimacy etc. They like that about me. I think they like that a guy isn’t afraid to express himself, and express himself the way he wants, not from reciting quotes from a movie or whatever. Then they are fixated on that aspect of me. They don’t necessarily like that I don’t always dress so well. That I don’t always look presentable. That I do have my flaws. That I tend to flake on people. That I go a bit overboard with things. That I get emotional. That I sometimes forget things. That I don’t always listen. They are infatuated with the 10% emotional, loving, open, Alex Kang. They ignore the other 90% and I’m left there trying to be that 10% of me, 100% of the time, which is not only impossible, but impractical. I appreciate the kind words but you don’t know me enough to say anything about the possibility of being in a relationship with me lol but still awesome to hear :)

Also, I think I would be intimidated to date YOU. You’ve clearly been following me for a little bit. Enough to know the patterns of my tweets and posts on here. It’s more or less intimidating to know that someone out there knows a lot about me, and thinks that they know me. That being said, if we were to ever meet, I’d feel really pressured to show you who I really am, which would just make me feel like I’m in a game show and trying to win something.

Anyway, this is weird. But thanks for taking the time to message me. Good stuff.

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