Cute or naw?
The jacket**

Cute or naw?

The jacket**

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It is a picture of Indian food.  (at Curry In A Hurry)

It is a picture of Indian food. (at Curry In A Hurry)

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#tbt #movember #hideyourkids #hideyourwives #hi #👨

#tbt #movember #hideyourkids #hideyourwives #hi #👨

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back to school

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Literally my favorite vine of all time

this is me

pce luv tacos

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She is thick.

She is thick.

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It is a video of deadlift.

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Is this what withdrawal feels like?

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Owsey Remix

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I thought I’d have you forever.

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music has always been a very important part of my life. for as long as i can remember i had music playing while doing almost everything except studying… a specific song will remind me of diablo 2. a game i spent hours and hours playing as a child. a specific verse from a song will remind me of the exact moment i was a shape shifting druid opening up my stash for the first time in town in act 5 (u won’t get it if you don’t know the game lol). the first guitar strum of a specific john mayer song will remind me of the night i had my first major fight with my first girlfriend in high school. the first melody of a jason mraz song will remind me of the long drive home from my first hard breakup.

i sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have lyrics running through my head. a lot of the times it’s useless lyrics from kanye west or kid cudi lol. thats why i try my best to listen to worship music right before i sleep and as soon as i wake up, to kind of clear my head. but what i realized this morning… while i was struggling to fall back asleep at 7am is that there is no substitute to just speaking with god.

music will remind me of specific moments in my life but no worship music will ever remind me of a specific moment i had with God. i tried really hard to figure out why. i thought “wow maybe i don’t have too many memorable moments with god. maybe i need to start making more memorable moments.” maybe its because i don’t put so much weight on worship music as kanye west has on me while playing games. or like john mayer has over my relationships lol. but i realized it’s because no one word, or verse or even song will ever encompass the amazing grace of God. there is no substitute for the relationship we have with god. no amount of music memorizing will do it. no amount of studying or playing the music will do it.

this morning, to help me clear my head, i started singing some hillsong music in my head but it wasn’t working… and it hit me. there is no substitute to what God can do for us; that feeling he brings; the way he lights that fire in our hearts that warms us in the coldest and darkest moments of our lives. there is no substitute to speaking with him from the heart. he knows what is on our mind. he knows what’s on our tongue even before we speak it. he is closer to us than our last breath of air. there is no substitute to speaking with our God and having a conversation. I hope we can all recognize that there is no replacing a relationship with god and we don’t minimize our relationship with him by just passively listening to worship music, or praying by routine. i am going to continue to speak to Jesus as a friend, a brother and my savior. there is no substitute to relationship building than communication.

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It is a picture of me.

It is a picture of me.

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