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I’m still learning
how to just

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my love lifehttp://kangalex.com/post/43924971756/gpoy

my love life

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Tragedy struck my world today…I could really use some support right now. (warning: graphic image, not for the weak-stomached)http://best-of-imgur.tumblr.com

HAHAHAH how does that even happen??


Tragedy struck my world today…I could really use some support right now. (warning: graphic image, not for the weak-stomached)

HAHAHAH how does that even happen??

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every other month or so i like to go back to my archives and look at where i was, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and satorially(?).

this time last year i was completely spineless.

i was so into my relationship with the gf at the time that i had no goals, no aspirations, no direction in life except her.

i was walking along not even looking at where i was going.

not even looking down at my own 2 feet.

straight up didnt give a shit about anything in my life except to make her happy.

i was walking down the street not looking at where i was going because i was too busy drooling over her

there was a puddle coming up

i fell right into it.

face first.

she kept walking.

now im finally crawling out of that puddle, alone.

im checking myself out in the mirror, makin sure i look proper for me.

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can’t tell if i’m hungry, or just bored…

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If only you’d believed in me

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The key to success? Grit http://kangalex.com/post/96351582427/the-key-to-success-grit

The key to success? Grit

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You were red. You liked me cause I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn’t for you.

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if a girl likes my instagram pics, does that mean she's into me?

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how often do you go to the gym? you seem like you can go into the gym after a long hiatus and go straight to crushing 275 on deadlift

i try to go to the gym 3x a week.

squat and deadlift have always been my strong suit.

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why do you think people ask you so many personal questions? especially about your "love life" or lack there of.

probably because i answer it?

i guess girls have like their magazines?

like cosmo?

the ones that have like “top 10 best sex secrets”


"10 things you need to look for in a guy"

to help them cope with emotional shit?

but guys dont have stuff like that i dont think.

you can find articles in GQ or esquire but those r dumb tbh.

its unrelatable.

those are about getting over a girl buy going out and ordering a $80 glass of whiskey and experiencing the sexual concoction of alcohol in your mouth.

im just your basic bro with basic problems like every other basic bro out there struggling with the same struggle.

i think ppl relate to what i say and how i express myself.

i dont have the luxury or the desire to just “go out and bang mad chicks” to get over an ex

i dont have the luxury or the desire to go out clubbing and partying and drinking to forget about shit.

i have a job to go to mon-friday and i have school.

i have homework to do.

i dont have the time or money to go through “retail therapy.”

we all in the same struggle ship.

im just not afraid to express myself i guess.

also the internet is MAD weird.

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why was that ask feature tagged under menswear?

i have NO idea.

who’s responsible for this??

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